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Trading Desk on Steriods.

Gentleman start your engines.


I’m waiting for the Eur.Usd to go a little lower. Then I will buy and hold the Euro.Usd for a while.


Who has read this book… Millionaire Traders?
What did you think?
Should I buy it?

euromoney.jpg  Found a great website today. I’m sure it has been around for a while but today I found it.  It is called Euromoney and it has a Forex section.  You will need to subscribe to the magazine to access some of the articles but the newer ones appear to be available free of charge.

I’ve found other free Forex Magazines online like Currency Trader and Pit News. Always looking for more.

traders-handbook.gif  I’m a big fan of Rob Booker, I’ve used some of his trading strategies and have had success. I came across a book of his that came out in April of 2006. I am currently reading it and wanted to post it here on forex chronicles.

The Currency Trader’s Handbook is the first published form of Rob Booker’s ebooks on currency trading. Included are money management strategies, trading systems, and a focus on how to develop the mental toughness to profit in the world’s most volatile trading environment (summary from

Let me know what you think.

I’ve been learning more about the psychology of traders.  If you haven’t already checked out this website give it a try… 

Lots of great interviews from people who trade for a living.

If anyone has any ideas on great resources for forex traders or traders in general, send me a post.