I read a great article a few days ago.  It started off talking about how to an outsider the life of a trader may seem utopian.  Traders have independence, wealth and an exciting
job.  Those of us pursuing a living in the actual market know better. 

The 7 realities a trader must face:

1)  You must have sufficient capital if you want to be a successful trader.

2)  Great Traders are not made overnight.
      Education takes time and is a product of experience

3)  You must have a lot of energy to trade successfully.
      When a decision needs to be made in many instances an
      opportunity presents itself for only a short period of time

4)  Traders cannot have preconceived notions about the market.
      What is the market going to do?  Fluctuate.

5)  There is risk in trading.  The key is to take acceptable risk

6)  Success is not your friend.  Going to fast and not feeling fear in
      a treacherous environment spells disaster

7)  Traders are only successful once they achieve consistency.