trader interviews

I’ve been learning more about the psychology of traders.  If you haven’t already checked out this website give it a try… 

Lots of great interviews from people who trade for a living.

If anyone has any ideas on great resources for forex traders or traders in general, send me a post.


If your like me you want to hear from the people who are making a living trading.  I’ve found a gem of a website called This website is full of audio interviews from all types of traders. The archive goes back 14 months and interviews are added every week.

I’ve found great interviews …
  Rob Booker – 9/04/06 – Re: Currency Trading
  Wayne McDonell – 01/22/07 – Re: Trading Forex Announcements
  Jason A. Jankovsky- 02/12/07 – Re: Thoughts on what traders are thinking and doing

I’m adding this website to my list of resources for becoming a world-class forex trader.

Here’s the link